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How to buy in Camaro24 ?

Buying in points


How to choose the correct file format ?

Formats - you need to know about this by moving around Camaro24


MP3 with text

How to play MP3 + G - mp3 files with karaoke text


Song or Style ?

Which format to choose, how do they differ?


How to use the search engine ?

Find the title, contractor, other products


How to filter the Camaro24 offer ?

Using the 'Music genres' filter


How to pay for the order ?

Forms of payment, fast electronic transfers


How to top up my account?

Prepayment in Camaro24


How to download the ordered files ?

Download files from email, order history


Returns orders

Returns orders, file changes


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  • Agencja Artystyczna Camaro Art
  • Tomasz Labudda
  • 70-789 Szczecin
  • Romantyczna 23/12
  • NIP 955-135-93-68
  • mail: biuro@camaro24.pl
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