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New Camaro24 !

Hello !


The last works related to the new sale of the Camaro24 sales platforms are in progress. In order to allow our clients a smooth "transition" between funds, two systems will soon be temporarily available for you

  • camaro24.pl - the current, old system
    camaro24.net - new



At Camaro24.pl, we will soon stop adding new productions. After the transition period, Camaro24.pl in the form you know today will disappear. That is why I am asking customers with Camaro24 accounts to archive their historical orders. Please also inform us about the top-up status (top-up), if such a parameter will not appear in the new countries in your settings.


Our new productions will be added here, and the entire Camaro24 range will also be recreated here. After the transition period, the NET domain will become the PL domain. Camaro24.net will expire.


At this stage, we do not know yet which data from your User Accounts can be easily changed from the old system to the new one. Please take into account that the inconspicuous shop from the customer side is actually a huge system consisting of hundreds of thousands of records, data, files, etc. I say synchronize by clicking on two such mountains of data extensions in which we change everything: from product IDs, by addresses, descriptive variants, etc.


When ?

Work on the new platform has been going on for 18 months. As of today, the system is 99% ready. We attach great importance to data security, security systems, we make the mechanics of the entire system, tools on the new video testing platform: sending data, points, filtering, security. The next stages of work are due soon:

  • commodity - new date, new debate, new debate is completely different. "Loose" files will get their new signatures, new features grouped in branches.
  • Data - relocation and reorganization of database records.
    temporary domain - transitional stage - we connect a new store under the temporary domain camaro24.net
  • main domain - a new store after the transition period, connected to camaro24.pl

All this is that the new camaro24.net system will be launched in February / March 2021, the transition period will last approx. 2-3 months. However, due to the advice in the country, everything may take a long time.


Why these changes?

In order to ensure the further development of Camaro24 (atypical, individual solutions), to eliminate the inconvenience of ready-made solutions, we decided to use our own sales platform. Thanks to this, we can:

  • sales system adjusted to the product range to the maximum
  • thanks to advanced filters, it provides additional comfort of using the offer
  • respond to ideas, suggestions, comments and products of our clients
  • communicate with the client in a modern way
  • optimize the time spent on sales service
  • implement invoicing mechanisms, creating ZAIKS statements
  • to control every visual aspect
  • quickly introduce a sales system for every attempt
  • quickly respond to new trends in the e-commerce industry

It is worth mentioning the appearance: the system will receive a completely new, modern graphic design worthy of streaming portals of the 21st century.

Unfortunately, this is the only way to change for you.

In this point I would like to premiere to all our clients, those with many years of experience as well as completely new ones. Without you, it doesn't place us. We are changing thanks to you. The new sales platform, first of all, a nod to you! Thanks a lot!


Camaro24 - what's new ?


Our new version is in fact a modern web application tailored to the platform of constantly growing needs. The appearance and standard of known platforms: Spotify, Tidal, Steam. In addition to a modern look, it will receive discounts facilitating access to the so far inconvenient offer.

Several features "cut" from the new:



FILTERS - advanced tools for filtering the desired productions. Here you can select the instrument model, manufacturer, artist, genre, title, time signature, and also the TEMPO range selection when looking for fast / slow styles, for example. You can narrow down further tools to an extension, eg Show only files for ADP. Nothing more simple!

PRESETS - here you can easily save your preferences and filters. Do you often use the offer for Genos? Create a My Genos preset!
Presets can be easily created from the User Account


FORMAT - the intuitive format selection system will first ask you for your instrument's series, then show you the results for that series. This way you will avoid a huge list with instrument models falling under the monitor.
Additionally, at this point the system will select the file that you have already purchased.



Q and A - modern query system. Here you can have a direct conversation with the seller. The Inquiries module is equipped with a history and a search engine available from your account. You will always be able to search and return to any thread.



YOUR FILES - here, after logging in, you can manage your purchases in an elegant way: browse, filter, download files. You have at your disposal an advanced filter that will allow you to search for a file in a specific format, time signature or tempo.



demo sample player, located in the footer of the page,

will play demos of songs from many models of instruments even,

when you are currently browsing the Camaro24 offer


Best regards,



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