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I change the instrument

I change the instrument. What about the files?


If you change the instrument to a higher model, you can count on updating your old files with new ones, according to the following rules:

  • Your files for the old instrument were purchased from Camaro24
  • change of the instrument takes place within the same brand, eg Yamaha on Yamaha
  • Only files that we currently have on offer for your new model are exchanged
  • You will pay us only the difference in price between the files for your old and the new model of the instrument
  • you have an active account at Camaro24
  • file update can be done only once


I bought an Audio Dance Pack, I want to change the instrument


The Audio Dance Pack package is not officially updated to a different model than the one for which it was purchased. The ADP package can not be "taken" with you to a new instrument, technically it is impossible. However: Customers in such a situation can count on a 50% discount for the purchase of a new ADP package.



  • the ADP package was purchased by the person requesting the update
  • You can only update an ADP package once
  • We only make preferential package deliveries within one brand


"How is it? I have to pay a second time for the same ??"

Yes, but remember that:

  • Your ADP package will raise the value of the old instrument by 5-10%
  • this time you will pay half the price
  • along with the package you will receive current SONG and STYLE files, added as a bonus to the ADP package

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