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About Us


The Camaro company is really an Artistic Agency Camaro Art based in Szczecin. We are a leading producer of software for YAMAHA instruments on the Polish and European market. Since 2007, we have the pleasure to be in the strict group of 13 people creating the Yamaha Programming Team - a group of authorized programmers from Yamaha Music Europe GmbH, for which we create music files for Yamaha keyboards. When you buy a Camaro, you buy from an authorized Yamaha programmer.


From January 2012, we regularly participate in technical workshops and trainings in YAMAHA studios on music programming styles. Such trainings are conducted by the best programmers in the world, creating colors, styles and software for instruments. As of today, the knowledge we have gained at Yamaha Music Europe GmbH allows us to create styles with unbelievably faithful sound and quality unattainable from the competition, not only native.

It should be added that CAMARO styles are the most-bought files in the official Yamaha store yamahamusicsoft.com


From January 2013, we participate in prestigious audio style programming, which will soon become a standard in Yamaha instruments. Prestigious, because Yamaha has only appointed 3 people in Europe to produce these files.


We are the only company in Poland that, in a professional manner and in accordance with the technical specification of the producer, creates music files for YAMAHA keyboards and an absolute market leader in the production of professional music styles. We do not convert, we do not process MIDI files from GM - we create everything from scratch. It should be remembered that only working with the song from the very beginning on the target colors gives you full control over the final sound of the song.

Our passion is to squeeze the most beautiful from Yamaha instruments. Thanks to technical support from the manufacturer of instruments, knowledge and many years of experience, musical productions realized by CAMARO are the essence and the top of the technical capabilities of these instruments. Thanks to us, you will learn how professional arrangements should sound, how should the so-called dedicated.

The introduction of the KORG offer at Camaro24 was just a matter of casu. After many technical and personal problems since 2015, we also offer files for this producer's instruments. The offer is addressed to holders of the newest and most popular Korga models.



The Camaro offer is addressed to "gourmets" of uncompromising sound, enthusiasts, in a word: to this elite group of customers, for which the poor processing of GM files available on the market is not enough. We focus on quality. In this respect, we have no competition.



We would like to wish that the music files produced by CAMARO will continue to be a kind of exponent of the quality on the market, and above all, satisfaction with our products, each of which contains, apart from musical values, a piece of our company's heart :)


Your opinions


The Camaro-Art company is not affiliated with any company from the music industry on the Polish market. Please do not identify us and our products with other entities that create midi files for instruments.


Best regards,

Tomasz Labudda



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  • Agencja Artystyczna Camaro Art
  • Tomasz Labudda
  • 70-789 Szczecin
  • Romantyczna 23/12
  • NIP 955-135-93-68
  • mail: biuro@camaro24.pl
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